Asbestos Surveys

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There are two main types of Asbestos surveys:


This survey is generally required to manage Asbestos Containing Materials in occupied buildings and consists of visual inspections of walls, ceilings, floors and all areas where suspected Asbestos may be present.

Different to Refurbishment / demolition surveys this type is non-invasive but may require some disturbance as long as contamination and damage can be avoided.

All samples are taken to an independent UKAS accredited laboratory for material assessment.


This type of survey is in the name and is required by law, to be undertaken in all buildings built pre year 2000 prior to refurbishment or demolition. This includes domestic premises, if you have a contractor working in that area, your project becomes their Place of Work.

An invasive survey which requires an extensive search of materials in an around the premises, holes and material damage is essential (see homepage diagram for various location search points)

All samples are taken to an independent UKAS accredited laboratory for material assessment.

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