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Choosing the right contractor

The unfortunate issue with Asbestos garage removal is there are so many companies out there who that do not comply with the correct legislation and safety procedures. 

Even the ones who say they do and look the part have major health and safety issues with which are visibly advertised on their webpages.

‘’And they are completely unaware’’.

For example

Guys working ‘on top’ of the fragile roofs without scaffolding protection.

The wrong protective masks worn.

Paper suits not fully covering all parts of the body i.e hood down.

Raw Asbestos sheets not wrapped in polyethene and thrown into the back of a van.

If this is what they advertise, imagine what are they doing when nobody is looking????

As a minimum each operative should have the following documentation: –

  • Cat B working with Asbestos training certificates – updated yearly.
  • Face fit test for their particular mask (Sundstrom half mask is pretty much industry standard)

Also at least one operative must have

  • PASMA (or similar) Scaffolding training.
  • Manual handling

All Asbestos sheets must be wrapped in 1000-gauge polythene, taped securely and completed with a clear Asbestos sack attached to it.

Which must be placed into a sealed Asbestos specific van or container.

Ask the right questions.

The issue could go full circle and end up back where it came from.

For free advice on any Asbestos issue, give us a call we would be pleased to help.